Eufy Battery Doorbell 2k (wired)

So I just noticed my door bell has been offline for the past few days. Our temperatures here have gone down to - 35C. Would this be the cause for it to go offline? I thought it being wired that there would be no issues.
I could unmount it and bring it inside to check, but it’s freezing outside, and there is barely any slack in the wires so it was a tough install. It would be hard to uninstall and reinstall in this weather.

Does anyone have this problem? Should I just wait until it gets warmer? Temperatures are supposed to be like this for another couple weeks.

Thank you in advance.

That very well could be the reason as its rated for -4°f (-20°C) to 122°F (50°c).

It’s possible - I’ve just noticed that my doorbell is showing battery power in the eufy app despite being wired. I’ve removed the doorbell and checked the voltage on the transformer wires and it’s good (19V), and I can ring the indoor chime by touching them together. If I reconnect the doorbell it still shows battery power and no indoor chime even though it’s enabled in the doorbell settings. This started after we got a low temperature warning in the app from the doorbell…

All I know. We also get down to minus 26 or less, especially with windchill and our doorbell battery died. Charged it manually and it was down to 26% in 8 days!
We have it wired into a 10v 5va transformer. It seems that is not enough to charge the battery when it is Cold? The battery loses approx. 8% battery per day! Charged it again. Over 36 hours, it is down to 90%!
Needless to say, Eufy has provided zero fix for this or anything I could try. I asked about a 24v transformer and they were mute on the subject.
This is my second doorbell. First had video issues. They will not do anything about this second one as I am past warranty.
I have 2c cams and they do not suffer the same battery problem with the cold.