Eufy Automation clarification

HI all. I’m currently building a decent security system comprising 4 Eufy exterior cams, 4 door sensors and 3 motion detectors.

I’ve created a simple security “mode” - “Scheduled”, which at a scheduled time, arms the door sensors and just one of the motion sensors (the other two are off as we have dogs which roam in the kitchen and lounge at night). Then in the morning, the sensors all switch off at a pre-programmed time. All works great (so far).

As we all know, the EUFY security lacks a proper external siren for if someone breaks into the house (hopefully Eufy will develop one ?), and the Homebase siren can only be heard really upstairs (where it’s located), and you can’t really hear it downstairs, so wouldn’t’ really deter an intruder.

I was therefore thinking about Automations and created one that if any of the door sensors were triggered or the one active motion sensor, it would also engage the built in sirens of all 4 external cameras as well, and at least give some audible warning to the intruder. Now, my question (eventually) is this. After creating an automation, there is just a simple on/off slider for it. What I want to know is if can be assigned to an alarm mode (as created above). i.e. when I activate the automation, I don’t want the door sensors or motion sensor to trigger the camera alarms during the daytime unless my “schedule” mode mentioned above is actually active. And if it’s not active, then the automation switches off to allow free access into the property ? Or does it only work that when you hit the active slider under automations, is it active all the time until you switch it off again, regardless of if the alarm mode is set to Scheduled or even Home ?

Does that make any sense to you all ?

@gtd184 I have a set automation that when the home base alarms…all cameras attached to the base record and alarm. This works for anti-theft, along with Away Mode, or any other time the home base is triggered.

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Jup, this if Homebase alarm goes off → trigger camera alarm(s)

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Makes perfect sense. I think you can accomplish what you want with a combination of modes and automation. You would set up your automation to trigger the camera alarms on whatever sensors you want. You may have to create more than one automation for your triggering sensors.

I believe that mode settings will override your automation. You should test this to be sure it works like you want with one trigger and one camera. Go into the modes and set up the individual camera alarms to operate when you want them to and then see if triggering your sensor will operate the camera alarms. Then test that they do the right thing on your schedule in the “away” or custom modes.

I really like the keypad for switching modes. I have one at the front door and just ordered one for the back. You can set up pin codes and then enter the pin and switch modes in seconds. No fumbling with your phone.

I haven’t tested overriding automations by switching modes, but it should work for the four setting you can control on each cam.

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@pysailr The automations override the modes. This happens for me in regards to the anti-theft feature…even if the mode is OFF (no recordings, notifications, alarms, etc. are checked) it still triggers all the cameras to record and alarm.

I also have another automation to record when our storage, back/front doors open. Even if the modes are OFF, the selected cameras will still record the event. Obviously, if doors open/close a lot, it will decrease the battery life. But you will see anyone entering/exciting those areas.

That’s too bad. Its almost like Eufy got this backwards. If you uncheck alarm, notify, or record in a mode, it should stop it from happening regardless of whether it comes from a device or an automation.

@gtd184 Sorry for the bad advice. I guess I don’t understand the data model.

@pysailr No worries! It’s not like there’s a manual to these devices, LOL! Just lots of trial and error…and I understand not everyone has several Eufy’s products to mess with in different ways. That’s why I like to check these community pages to learn and give feedback.

I think Eufy’s app developers need to add that option for the user to decide where the priority goes…in essence what is first: Automation OR Modes. Cause I agree, if you don’t want the cameras to alarm, then it should be off no matter what. However, I also like the record/alarm feature on certain cameras of mine, regardless of setting. Comes down to personal preference.

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So really, how we can use Automations?
I would like to setup an automation (motion -> record on camera + alarm) for the Away mode but it’s triggering the alarm while in Home mode.
Somehow, it worked until today, when I added another sensor.

I think I found a way. In Home mode, I deselected “React to motion”.

@lui1038 Depending on what/how you want to use the automations they can be useful. I would suggest if you want the cameras to alarm by mode, then don’t add the “alarm” selection under automations.

One way of using an automation, is when the anti-theft alarm is triggered on a camera, then it automatically messages the home base. I then have an automation set that when the home base alarms, all cameras will record/alarm. Hope this helps!