Eufy app on Samsung stops notifying regularly, I have to restart phone

This is driving my wife and me nuts. We both have Samsung phones. Our Eufy doorbell and camera both record happily but regularly (after a day or so) stop notifying us with an audible noise. Only a phone restart fixes it. I’ve tried everything… I have a Samsung S22+ and my wife a Samsung A32, I think, so Android apps. Any advice appreciated!

Check your phone’s Power Saving mode, if it’s ON make sure the eufy App isn’t being placed in power save because that will stop the app after a while from working in the background.
Here’s a web link to it:,activate%20the%20Power%20saving%20mode.


Power Saving is off and has been since we started having this issue.


is the eufy app being “optimized” or “unrestricted”. to check go into your phone settings, scroll down to “apps” find eufy security and open it, scroll down to “battery”. open it, you should have 3 options, make sure it is set to unrestricted. fyi, you will need to reset this setting after every system update.

Yes, @dpoppo suggested check that out also.

I reread your post again… just to clarify you receive a notification with an audible tone then a day later you receive notifications but without an audible tone?

We are getting notifications, but they stop being audible. Not every day, but most days, I need to restart the phone.
However the battery setting of Eufy Security is indeed Unrestricted.
I have noticed that ‘Remove permissions if app is unused’ was set. I have turned this off.

Have you checked the Security, make sure the notifications are enabled if you switch between modes.

This part digs down a bit deeper into the notification sounds, though it is possible it may override the original eufy sound/tones with the phones own sounds/tones… I don’t want to mess things up for you.

There may also be a glitch with the App itself?

I haven’t revisited this topic since March 3rd. I have learned one thing thanks to your contributions - I did not know there was a separate ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ setting. However both are set the same.
On my phone, the app looks different to the screen shots above.
The issue persists. Sometimes the notification sound is retained overnight, mostly it is not. Today, I had to restart my phone again.

As to whether it is an App thing, it’s possible. Both my wife and I have Samsung (therefore Android) models, though ours are different models to each other. But it would then be down to Eufy to fix whatever app issue there is?

I noticed the similar behavior on a REVVL V+ 5G phone the other day. I was getting notifications, but couldn’t hear a sound. After messing around with every setting I could find, I finally found the culprit.

It was my bluetooth setting. I have bluetooth on so my Tesla will detect the phone and lock and unlock the car when I approach. I toggled bluetooth off then back on and now my Eufy notifications have sound on my phone. Am guessing that the Eufy audio notifications got sent to the car for some reason instead of the phone speaker.

The problem hasn’t re-occured in a week, so it may have been some glitch on my phone. I am on Android 11 with this phone, so YMMV.