Eufy App keeps logging me out

My video doorbell app keeps logging me out so that when i get an alert, I’m unable to view it until I log back in. Very inconvenient when someone rings the doorbell. I can’t find a setting to keep me logged in. Any idea?


Sorry, I’m using an iPhone. It just started doing it

It’s happening to me too I add an account from my wife we’ve been using it for about a year but in the last week or two we both been getting signed out almost as if it’s on a timer time out

It is also happening to me with my camera alerts. By the time I sign in the event is over and the person or thing causing the event is gone. I am using an iPad.

I’m having the same problem but in Android

Yes, same problem here on iphone. It’s been an intermittent problem for me since I first installed the doorbell a couple of months ago.

It’s happening to me too and it’s 2021. Apparently, Eufy hasn’t fixed the problem.

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It’s now February 2022 and still the same problem. !

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I’m having the same problem but in Android

I just bought and installed the doorbell camera and the app signs me out. There isn’t a fix for this? I use android.

Happening to me too, I just bought these. Thinking about returning them tomorrow. What’s worse is it asks me to enter a captcha code everytime I login… wth??

Downgrade back to version 3.5.1. The link is in one of the threads or contact live chat. However I had to retrieve it from the emailed transcript as it wouldn’t work via the live chat. I’m now enjoying the WORKING eufy system again

Is that an apk package for Android?

Yes it is for Android

Happening to me on my iPhone also! EUFY, when will you fix it???

Having quite 30 devices and thinking to change to another System as it makes me crazy using all time captcha.

I bought my first Eufy camera on saturday and I had the same problem, very annoying.

But today (Monday) I don’t have this issue anymore. I had no update on the Android app :thinking:

I hope it will not come back :crossed_fingers:

Was fine up until a couple of months ago. Same issue (keep getting logged out). I recached out a couple of days ago to Eufy no response yet. Has anyone else come up with a solution to this?