Eufy alerts on desktop

Hi all,

Is it possible to receive alerts (mainly doorbell notifications) on my Windows desktop, without needing to have the browser-based website open?

Many thanks!

You can use an Android emulator on most versions of Windows or Mac, then run the Eufy app in the emulator. That will get you the full functionality of the app on Windows or Mac. Its pretty easy to set up using something like Bluestacks. Unfortunately, Eufy’s last several app versions don’t work with Bluestacks any more. There is a workaround in that you can use version 3.0.0 994, which is about 2 months old and it works fine. As long as you don’t have any of the new Solo cams, you don’t need the newer versions.

There are other Android emulators for Windows but I haven’t had much luck getting them to work with Eufy without a lot of messing around. All you have to do with Bluestacks is load it on your PC and then load the Eufy Security Apk file and it will work with the default settings. You can get the Eufy app version that works with Bluestacks by going to and searching for Eufy Security. You will need to scroll down to the older version from June 8 and download that. Once you have it on your PC and Bluestacks is installed, click on it and it will install and run the app.

Bluestacks is gamer oriented so you will get an ad screen when it starts, but after that, you can use it like the Android app and you won’t see any more ads. It will give you notifications and you can view your cameras and events on a large monitor. I put in a ticket with Eufy support asking them to fix what they broke so the current versions work with Bluestacks, but I didn’t get a feeling that it was very high on their list.

Get Bluestacks at only. There are are couple of other sites that claim to be giving you a genuine copy, but serve up adware with it so beware. You may be given the chance to download the new version 5 of Bluestacks, but I have found that Version 4 works better with Eufy app. There is a button to load either on the Bluestacks homepage.