Eufy Alarm system in combination with Eufy camera’s


I already owned some eufy cams, window/door sensors and home base. I wanted to extend this with the alarm kit from eufy.

Now im hooking everything up and am struggling with the alarm settings.

  1. I would like to have the alarms on all camera’s to sound when the alarm system is triggered.
    Now only the homebase alarm sounds and that is not to impressive. I do understand that there is a sirene in development but it would be great to trip all the sirenes on all camera’s.
  2. The alarm has a delay but the camera’s dont. So when the alarm is set to “away” the sensors dont trigger the alarm for the set delay (eg 60sec). But i have a camera that also see’s the keypad and that goes off directly when i set the alarm to away (as it triggered by my motion). It would be great if this can also have a delay like the keypad.

Also posted this in the anker community but this seems a better audience.


I think you can solve both by creating automation through the security tab.
Disable the alarm on all but the homebase. Create an automation: when homebase alarm goes off -> play camera alarm on all cameras.
Hope this helps. If not, let me know and I will add pictures. But it’s quite easy to set up. Good luck!


Thanks, i got the sirene working on all camera’s.

Other question:
When you activate the alarm system you hear a beep sounding from the key pad. But when i come in i would also like to hear the same beep sound till the delay is over.

Is this possible?


Good it’s working!
No, the keypad plays no sound in ‘alarm delay’. Many people have requested it and I advise you to send an email to so that’s another request on the pile. This forum is not actively read by staff regarding feature request stuff.
Hopefully the pile gets big enough to actually implement it :slight_smile:

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is there a roadmap with new features?