Eufy, a shame of development

I need to mention this.
Eufy has one of the worst support! Eufy is trying get a lot of souls via playing local storage, once we have the devices there isn’t any development or even any response back into the community!

Come on, a smart doorbell! But still a push notification! Why not a screen on Google hub? Or a phone call like Arlo?

Why no multiscreen into the app? To see multiple cameras live?

Why not RSTP?

Why just not default google home support? She can really do nothing with it only 5 minutes.

So many questions in this forum but still not any development or respond back!

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fully agree with you

Support? LOL, YES!

RTSP works, but your capture app needs to deal with an intermittent stream since these are designed to be battery powered devices and they spend most of their life in standby mode.

This is also why multi-screen is a moot point; the only time multiple cameras will be on at the same time is when there is something happening across multiple cameras at once or when an automation trigger event is set in the app (like a contact or motion sensor event), and there is nothing to prevent you from having that sort of view set up in Blue Iris or whatever, it’s just an advanced application well beyond the scope of their target audience. But the view is going to be blank for 90% of the time because the cameras will be sleeping.

I think they just got Apple Homekit going with very limited functionality, who knows how long it will take for google and amazon…