Eufy 2k wired doorbell wiring issue

Hi All,

I’ve recently purchased the Eufy 2k wired doorbell, I thought that it would be a straight forward installation having read all the reviews tips and tricks online. In anticipation I bought a ring pro transformer online as the BG version from Screwfix was out of stock, it is a double insulated block rated up-to 24v and looks near identical to the BG one so thought it should be fine.

To test that it would all be working correctly, I wired it up into the the existing door chime housing after gutting the old 8v transformer.

I connected the doorbell outside up to the existing wiring and nothing, nada… no lights or any sign of life…

Any suggestions on getting up and running will be greatly appreciated!

I’ve attached a few photos too.

Get your self a cheap multimeter and check voltage in and out of the transformer. If that is good, use the Ohns function, without any power on, to check for resistance in the wiring and make sure that the wires leaving the transformer go directly to the new doorbell.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I’ve checked at the voltage rage seems fine, although the is a buzzing coming from the transformer. The wires are going directly to the doorbell bypassing the chime module altogether. Thanks

Hi, what rating is the transformer that you have wired up?
I’ve just wired mine up and working fine, a qualified Electrician here so I can offer some advice on here if you need.