Eufy 2K video doorbell motion lags

Bought 2k Eufy video doorbell. Set up on 5G WiFi. There is a big lag between motion detection and phone alert. Should I have used 2G WiFi?

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This is one thing that’s not stated very clearly in the Quick Start Guide, in fact it’s not mentioned at all in the setup, but does however appear in the small print in the Declaration Of Conformity right at the end. It does state there that the operating frequency for both the Homebase and Camera wifi is 2.4Ghz, and there’s no mention of using 5Ghz.
I’m surprised this is not mentioned more prominently in the Setup guide as I’m sure a lot of people have fallen foul of the same problem you’re having. Even if 5Ghz was an option you would get better range using 2.4Ghz.