Eufy 2K Indoor RTSP not working with Blue Iris?

Hi, I just bought 5 Eufy 2K Indoor cams to replace my Wyze Cam V2’s. The picture quality and audio quality are better, but the main reason I made the switch was for RTSP.

In Blue Iris v5, I just cannot get the RTSP config to work, despite the fact the cams are streaming to TinyCam on my phone, VLC on my PC, and working on my QNAP NAS. Is anyone using BI v5 with Eufy? Can you post a config screenshot?

BTW, Blue Iris v4.0 which is a pretty old version is working with Eufy, but the entire video config screen is different than v5, there is no exact 1-to-1 config mapping between the 2 versions. I can’t get v5 to work…

I’m having the same issue. I used the same setup as my wyze cam. I just switched to continuous recording and see if that fixes it. If not, I’ll use auto input and tasker to toggle the rtsp stream on and off in the app.


How did you manage to get your Eufy streaming to the QNAP server.
I can"t seem to get mine working.
I have the Eufy 2 pro and a QNAP 453A.


Please let me know if you have successfully added this to BI? What camera are you using is it 2c?

I finally got Eufy cam working with Blue Iris… Actually it was very simple.

Nothing was working for days, until I simply clicked “Decoder compatibility mode”. If you want sound, select RTSP as well.

For QNAP, here is my config… However, I decided to use Blue Iris, since it records audio. Couldn’t get QPNAP to record audio.

I am using Eufy 2k indoor cams, like these,

See my other reply on how to make them work with BI.