Eufy 2k Indoor Cam Poor Performance w/ Google Nest Max Hub/Google Assistant

I’m having the following problems using my new Eufy 2k Indoor cameras (both PTZ and standalone) with my Google Nest Hub Max:

  • When I say “Hey Google, show me X camera”, if the camera loads at all, it is often very delayed in loading. I sometimes have to ask a second time before getting the feed
  • Once the feed to my camera’s is showing, the audio is choppy and the feed eventually stops showing within minutes.

My Google Nest Hub Max is no more than 20 feet away from my WiFi router in a closet. Viewing on my iPhone anywhere in the home has no issues with the feed for video or audio. My wifi router is placed centrally in the home, and in general I have pretty excellent coverage throughout my home, so I don’t think this is an issue with WiFi at all. I didn’t have these problems with my Amcrest camera’s even when viewing up to 4 camera feeds simultaneously.

Thanks for the reply! Looking through the App, I’m able to see where I can change the Streaming Quality in general, but not specific to smart displays. Where might the setting specific to smart displays be found?

Thanks for checking! I lowered the streaming quality to the lowest, and it seemed to allow me to switch to other cameras quicker, but load time is still slow and doesn’t always work the first time. Also the feed doesn’t last for more than a few minutes before I have to ask google all over again to get it to strem. Not sure if this a Eufy problem, a Google problem or both?

I’ve read a bit about WYZE camera’s having issues loading on the Google Assistant as well, so that makes me wonder if it’s more so a google problem.

I should have mentioned that I’m not using battery powered cameras. These are the newly released Eufy 2k Indoor cameras, which rely on a wall outlet for power source.