Eufy 2K Doorbell Add-on, where does the chime comes from?

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking in buying the Eufy 2K doorbell add-on, already have the home base and additional cameras.

But my question is , where does the chime comes from?

I saw a review someone said the chime was loud enough, but they didn’t mention the source of the chime.

Can someone please let me know before I buy it.



I think you can set Alexa to chime and possibly the HomeBase.

This and the existing chime you have in the house already.
Your phone could also emit a sound when someone rings the door.
The doorbell itself can make sound as well, but that’s just to list all options to answer your question fully.

Yes we’ve got all those ringing! Old doorbell chime; Homebase; 2 phones and Alexa plays music upstairs!

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