Eufy 2k Battery Cam No Video

Has anyone experienced a lack of video on the Eufy 2k Doorbell? When I first installed it, I had clear video. Now,all that shows is a black screen. I can here the IR engage (click) in low light, and it has sound as well. But now it has a black screen with a black screen and kind of a fisheye effect with grey/black lines on the camera view. I’ve tried Eufy support and gone through their troubleshooting, but they keep wanting more and more evidence that there’s a problem.

Hi Derek,
Your problem does indeed sound a bit odd. Can you see if the camera is visibly broken? Did you get a firmware update in between normal and the current operation?
If that’s not the case and a reset doesn’t help, then I’d opt for a replacement.
If you’d like to, you can of course share a screenshot or video of the problem, maybe someone here can help. I do however think this may be a faulty product somehow…