Eufy 2k add on doorbell — excessive false positives

I’m regretting buying this… does anyone know if this camera uses heat or another way to determine motion? I have the eufy 2c pro cameras that are heat detective and they work fairly well and rarely do I have a false positive with them…
This doorbell camera doesn’t seem to matter what I do with the settings, it has constant false positives. Sensitivity is set to 2, I’ve left quite a bit of buffer room around the detection zone… at first I thought it was a flag or bush blowing, but now I’m wondering if it’s getting triggered by car exhaust blowing into the detection zone. I don’t have that problem with the 2c pro. Maybe I just have a bad unit.

It’s a major flaw with the battery doorbell. I have had issues with the battery which was investigated by eufy support and concluded to be “normal” because the unit was detecting over 50 detections a day…

Excessive and hardly reasonable response considering I work from home and on average, there are two people maximum, that walk by outside the detection zone, a day. It also means there advertised six months battery life is now 2 weeks. I have sent in data logs, changed my settings and even replaced my unit completely.

There are other users who have reported this but eufy support has done nothing but dismissed this.

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Thank you for your response. Guess I’ll just return it then. I don’t really need the doorbell function anyways, just thought it would work better to have a lower viewing angle, but if anything, I’ll just mount one of the add-on 2c cameras at a face level height.