Eufy 2C HomeKit issue - can't replicate what is shown in the manuals for streaming video

I have hooked up my two cameras to HomeKit with instructions provided on their web page manuals for the 2C. While I am on able to see both cameras within home kit I cannot enable capabilities as shown in the second picture of the instructions below. Basically, that indicate that if you enable HomeKit authentication on both cameras on the home app on the iPhone you should be able to see “streaming all and allow recording” and select from "People, Animal or Car” that can be detected. I have no idea how to have this information can be displayed on my iPhone. I toggled detection from "human only’] and "all motions” and I don’t see any of these when I look at the camera in the home app on my iPhone. I called their tech-support and they told me to call Apple!. They indicated there is a special group within EUFY that only deals by email with questions on HOMEKIT and has no telephone support. I frankly I find this pretty incredible.

I am very familiar with HomeKit, I have a Hub and I’ve had no problems with any other HOMEKIT products. Their tech-support told me to switch to :all motion: - if I do that I’ll drain my battery in no time. Also, embedded in the help menu of the app is something about your AI & the ability to detect people, pets and crying. – No explanation is given as to how this is implemented or how you even set it up. (I haven idea if I have attached pictures

Here is what I see in Home on my iPhone

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I’ve been told it’s because the feature hasn’t been released yet my Eufy

You’re talking about two different things. HomeKit allows you to access the cameras in the home app. That’s just for viewing your cameras there, but has nothing to do with video storage and such.

HomeKit secure video is a separate thing and the eufy app is primed for it due to a very recent update, but the cameras will need firmware updates which are expected soon. There is a beta test going on right now if you want a jump on it and try out those features you’re looking at, but they are making sure it’s where it needs to be before they push it out to the rest of us.

Hey guys!

The good news is our HKSV will be offically support very soon!

The firmware will be upgraded no later than next Friday. Hope this information helps.

If you need further assistance, please reach out so we can have the enginerring team to look into this case for you.

Thanks again for your support! Have a nice day!


How do i get on the HSV beta?

Hey @Jesse.schaal!

The good news is the is now official release, please check APP device Info>Check for Homebase firmware for the firmware update to achieve the new feature!

​Looking forward to your reply! Have a lovely day.

It was a thing where you emailed support to get on, but it’s rolling out now apparently. I haven’t gotten it yet but lots of others have.