Eufy 2c 2 cameras signal suddenly deteriorated

Hello. I have had my set up working fine for the past 5 months. Homebase 2 connected to router via ethernet and 7 cameras connected. Suddenly the cameras signal deteriorated and some cameras can’t connect due to signal. Please help.

Is there anything in your surroundings that has changed?
For example my eufycam 2 in the backyard shows lesser connectivity when I close the roller shutter. Maybe some antenna got installed in the area, or your neighbour started blasting some WiFi signal around the house?


Have you charged the batteries on the 2C cameras all the way up and tried to restart them? Have there been any network changes from the router, a lot of devices sharing the signal?

You get a new microwave or any new devices?

Thanx for the replies guys. Nothing has been changed in my house and no other devices have been added to the WiFi. A day after I posted this the signal to all cameras went back to normal. Last two days has been raining alot and I observed a little signal deterioration. My WiFi signal throughout the house is 100/10 using devolos 1200 ac wifi

How many cameras are effected by this and are they far away from the Homebase 2? If so you might need a second Homebase.