Entry sensors saying door closed

We have had our Entry sensors for a year the battery life still shows full but I just recently noticed for the last little bit I will have a notification from 3:50-4 some nights it will say door closed and never opened. All doors have been closed the night before because I have it set to notify if a door has been left opened after a set time. I find it strange and don’t know how to fix it.

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I saw the same behavior for all of my 6 door sensors starting yesterday between 3:45-3:47 AM. I checked to see if the Homebase received an update, but it hasn’t had any changes for several weeks.

Also, I didn’t hear any notifications from my phone at the time. If it happens again, I’ll set up my spectrum analyzer for the 925 Mhz range of the sensors. Strangely, I didn’t get any notification for my motion sensors that operate in the same band.

I guess all we can do is monitor the situation and if it comes back, set some traps and report it to Eufy.

Noticed that now all my door sensor history has been cleared. Before the hiccup yesterday, I could look at the recent history for each sensor. Now it all says “No Data”. Looks like something has cleared all the sensor history on the Homebase. This includes the motion sensors, which don’t have a defined state of open or closed.

Will be interested if the phantom events get duplicated at the same time again tomorrow.

Mine has happened 3 times now it’s always right before 4 in the morning. Nothing else went off on my side either. It just says door shut in my history and it’s still there and showing them all in the history.

I just opened and shut the garage door and that sensor operated correctly and left events in the Event tab, but if you go to Devices and select the Garage Door device, there is no history log of when the device opened and closed. That used to show for all the door sensors and motion sensors. Now it doesn’t keep any record other than the Event. I restarted the Homebase, but same behavior. I have about 12 GB of storage, so its not a lack of memory. Maybe I’ll set an alarm for dark thirty and wake up before 3:30 am and see if I can figure out what is happening.

I have had to remove the app and redownload it to get my events before maybe that would work for the old events to show back up.

I’m getting something similar. All of my sensors have now changed state to ‘open’ on two seperate occasions over the last few weeks. And the history has disappeared for each sensor.

I looked back at when this started happening and found that it started for me on Jan 10. This corresponds to the date of the most recent Homebase update. I looked for signals from the sensors this AM and there weren’t any when the sensors changed state. Looks like something internal to the Homebase is causing this. The fact that the device history went away at the same time means Eufy has been mucking around with the code and, as usual, has failed to adequately test their changes before rollout.


Same for me and my brother. Been happening for 2 weeks now. Come on Eufy, what are you doing? Updates/bugs like these should be fixed quickly. I’m a Dev myself and that’s no way to respect your customers.