Entry sensor hot


Just had an entry sensor delivered. Put the battery in, the correct way, and it instantly foes red hot and smells like burning. assume this is far from normal?

Count your blessings. I took my working version off my door.

Why what was wrong?

Even when system is disabled it logs every door open and close to the event log. Pages and pages. Couldn’t take it. Gonna return yours?

Fair enough. Yeah, they are gonna send me out another one on top of Amazon exchanging the faulty one so I’ll now have 2. See how it goes with them

If you don’t mind the notifications… mine worked really well. And didn’t burn my house down. :slight_smile:

Haha cheers, I’ve got one installed now and it’s on a door that isn’t used much but would be a main point of entry for any unsavoury types and seems to be working great.