Entry Sensor and HomeKit

Just got a few Entry Sensors to add to my system and noticed they are not available in HomeKit. Are there any plans to make these available in the HomeKit screen? There are automations available in HomeKit that could work with other, non-Eufy devices that would really be nice to have and make the Eufy devices more useful (turning on the room lights when a door is opened, for example).


Going forward, I think every new product should support HomeKit. I wish manufacturers would realise that we don’t want their crappy apps, we want to use Apple, Google etc. because they’re simply better at software.

I bought it thinking that it will work with Home App. I’m disappointed.


I have bought it in march 2021 and no, it seems it is in the same situation as it was when you bought it. There is no support for HomeKit, so no way to create scenes when the sensor detects a window or door being opened…

I’m really surprised about the strategy followed by Eaufy. If their plans are to be part of HomeKit, as EufyCam is, I don’t understand how is it possible to leave the entry sensor out of these plans.

As @don326 , I’m very disappointed


Thanks for the update I will go for another entry sensor.