Enable Camera at night, disable when at home, enable when leaving


I‘m not sure if this is already possible. I need a hybrid of geofencing and time. I tried to select Time-based Plan as the „at home“ geofencing option. But this is not possible.
Any ideas? Can’t believe I am the only one who wants that.

To clarify:
When I am at home, I don’t want/need my garden to be observed/recorded. When I go to bed (let’s say 20:00 till 8:00) I want my cams to get armed. When I leave home I want them to be always armed, no matter what time it is


You are not alone…


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You are definitely not the only one! Being able to select custom created security modes in geofencing would be the solution. Apparently Eufy are aware and are trying to add, fix but really don’t think it will happen. It’s been lodged with Eufy. Problem is currently Geofencing does not work at all, again Eufy are aware and trying to fix, really not holding much hope, many promises but no solutions or fixes unfortunately.

Yes this is a must have.

See my past responses on where I stand as far as Eufy goes. I recently bought 6 cams after returning 10 in July. Several for one home, several for another. Features for price, nobody can touch them. I tried Eve cam, it was terrible and the cost is too high. For 1 Eve cam at $150, I bought 5 Eufy Indoor Cams. Added them to HomeKit and have moved on with life. HomeKit gives me exactly what you’re asking for. HomeKit is what I’ve wanted for a respectable price.

Eufy has a ways to go before mainstream takes them serious. Too many new products, ads, specials, offers, referrals, etc. they need to clean it up and make the software better. Focus on bettering their perception, support and software. Some of it is happening. Some is not.

Eufy- communication is key. Please don’t forget that. That’s how you sink a business.


I am with you - using HomeKit you can do this … and much more. But this feature request came up, when I was sitting in my dads garden and we were talking about this. He does not have an AppleTV or a HomePod so Geofencing would not work for him in HomeKit.