Emergency Button

Hello Eufy Security!!

I think that you should add an Emergency Button to the app. This would mean that if someone bad was seen on a camera you could quickly hit this button and have emergency services come to your home without having to call 911. This would be a very useful and good feature to have on a Security app.


Great idea!

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Thank you! Hopefully Eufy can work on this soon!!

I hope so!!:smiley::smiley:

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Practically impossible to do so, as you have to call 911 to dispatch any officer to your home, or the security system has to be somehow in contract with 911 service.
There are other “monitored” security systems where you pay them monthly service fee and they will do this for you.

That’s my point. Maybe they can connect with Noonlight which has monitoring centers who can dispatch police for you. Then you can hit the button in the app and not have to call 911.

This would require substantial regulation becoming an official monitored security service let alone cellular connection or VOIP with location data. Most cities in the USA also require you to register monitored security systems with them as well and the company providing is required to remind you of that.

Monitored security is a completely different product from what the Eufy system offers. I could see them branch into it in the future but it would require a separate base-station and subscription fee.

I was going for Eufy to connect with a third part such as Noonlight like Wyze just did. This means that you have a little button on the app you can hit when you see something not right on your cameras. Then Noonlight will handle dispatching the police for you.