Echo Show cannot access cameras and doorbell

I installed two Eufycam 2 and one battery doorbell. I can access the cameras and the doorbell by using the Eufy Security app for Android. Live Streams and Notifications do work when I use the app.

Since the devices were advertised as being compatible to Alexa, I got myself an Echo Show 2. Gen. Alexa was able to discover the devices and recognises my voice commands. However my Echo Show is unable to establish a connection to any of the devices mentioned above. It says “Waiting for Eufy Security” and ~30sec later it fails with “The camera is not responding”.

I updated the Firmware of any device involved. I use version for the HomeBase 2, version 2.6.7 for both Eufycam 2 and version My Echo Show uses the device software version 658657020.
I tried removing and re-addding the Alexa skill, removing and re-adding all devices to Alexa, restarting my HomeBase 2, switching between ethernet and WIFI connection for my Homebase 2, “warming up” the cameras via app and motion, … Nothing worked. I have other devices from a different manufacturer (not Eufy) and can control them via Alexa, so this is not a general issue with my network.
Trying to access the camera streams from the Echo Show appears to be “waking up” the devices. The streams starts almost instantly in the Android App after doing so.

Are there known issues with the Alexa skill? Negative reviews on Amazon indicate there must be other people with the same problem. Has anyone here had the same problem and was able to fix it?

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I’m having the same problem. I can access video from the app but not from any of my Amazon or Google devices.

Did you contact the support team? What did they say?

Arghhh, same issue. It worked for a brief bit but now getting the, “Hmmmm., doorbell, or, camera, not responding”. Works great on the app on our phones…
Contacted support, but basically said to reload, eufy security linkage, etc… everything, blah, blah…

Same issue. Two floodlight cams installed this week both worked for 3 days now only one will work on show. The show will turn the lights on the other device but camera not responding