E340 Doorbell Recording Limit?

Hi all,

I’ve been using my Eufy cams for just over a week and am finding various issues. One was this morning. I walked in to my driveway and started talking to the mother in law in the car and then I walked to the door and opened it.

In the Events there is a 25 second clip of my back turned away and me talking to my mother about 15m away. The recording didn’t record me walking to the door and opening it. So it missed the most important part.

Isn’t this a really obvious way for a criminal to trick the system? Just hang around for 30 seconds, far enough away from the camera that you know it’s going to trigger it to record and then only approach the building once the recording stops?

Depending on how you have the motion detection set for video recording it most likely ended the clip at its allotted time the moment you were walking towards your door and the setting was not fast enough to be retriggered to record.
You can change them settings in Power Manager

Thanks for your response. I can see that I can adjust the recording length in the video. But that’s not necessarily going to solve the issue. A criminal could trigger the recording from a distance and then hang there but 60 seconds, or even longer, before then approaching the door. By which stage the recording stops. I would expect the software to retrigger if recording has ended and the person gets closer to the door than they were during the recording.

As far as the basic settings I do not know what the retrigger time is but, with the custom settings you have the option there also there is an end clip early when no motion is detected you can uncheck that.

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Thanks. I’ve used this and reduced the interval between triggers to see if that works.