Dynamic Surveillance?

So we had Dynamic Surveillance in the app for Battery Video Doorbell which seemed to work really well and now it’s gone with today’s app update. Anyone know what happened???

Yes I would like to know as well. Guessing we won’t get a anwer. :man_shrugging:

What’s Dynamic Surveillance?

It was another profile in power management. Same as optimal surveillance but with shorter record time and some added feature that would cause the camera to not capture one event after another in short period of time. So like bringing in the groceries. It wouldn’t capture each consecutive trip in and out of the front door. Seemed to work well and they got rid of it. Who knows.

I still see it, I guess I’ll lose it when the update catches me.

It’s still available on iOS, I looked at my android tablet just now and it’s not there, all modes still on my iPhone.

I’ve lost it on my iPhone X but it’s still on my iPad. Another bug I guess.