Dual 2K Battery Camera - firmware updates

Has anyone with a T8213 2K Dual Camera Doorbell (battery version) managed to get the firmware to upgrade?

I’ve been send a 2nd doorbell unit by Eufy, as I could not get the original from to
The new one (arrived today) is on but also won’t update to

I’ve tried via mobile, different devices, waiting overnight, restarting AND resetting HomeBase 2, restarting and resetting the bells - but nada.

Has anyone actually got it to succeed?

Mine updated to 1.5 no problem.

Try making a Hotspot off your phone and change the devices to this wifi. Maybe your wifi has poor compatibility mode or your isp or dns is not resolving to the correct update server.

Thanks for that. That worked.
Also, it seems my network is blocking QUIC (UDP 80/443) traffic which seems to be nobbling notifications too…a list of required ports (and not just 0-65535 ranges!) would be good from Eufy!

[EDIT : after a couple of successful notifications, it’s died again]
[EDIT x 2 : QUIC is needed for the f/w updates - but doesn’t seem to help the notifications]