Downloading daily recordings

Hello eufy friends,
We have been downloading our daily recordings to our phones/devices individually which takes forever! Does anyone know of a faster way?


Life in your world must be MUCH more exciting than mine. It’s a rare day that I save anything.

I did have a bear try and break into my trunk 2 nights ago. That’s worth saving!

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No bears here. Neighbours have started dealing drugs on our driveway and police have asked us to send them footage ongoing. Each day we might have 50+ clips to download and send which takes forever doing it individually

(Our eufycam and 2c’s are hooked up to generic solar panels which work a treat)

Wow… I would ask for better gear. If they want you to do their job for them… then cork up some funds for high end gear that can deal with 24/7 surveillance…

Who do they think they are… putting that crap on your shoulders? My response would be… @%#$ &$@!