Download all Video Clips

Bumping this threat.
I would love to have “local” access to “local” files.
I prefer to inspect them on my linux machine


Thanks for the info, it’s possible to download all videos from one day with the Mac app. But you have to scroll all the way down to the end of the list before you do that because the list is loading more only when you scroll to the end.

Still, it should be possible to automatically download them. Besides that, the Mac App Login is a pain in the a$$. It doesn’t offer to use the password which is stored in Safari, nor does is allow to past a password. In the age of long secure password it’s ridiculous that I really have to type that in.

Who did the programming? Somebody who never uses the app.


the main reason why they haven’t added an auto download/ download all feauture to your phone or pc is because they have a paid subscription to do this via the cloud storage service. Hey, we are already fortunate to have a homebase to store all the footage for free. Like every other company, you can’t really have everything for free these days. :wink:

Hi, just checking if anyone has found a workaround for this?

An idea I have (not sure if that works) is to set up an emulator on a PC, install the app, track the network requests and then script the downloading of the resources. Does it make sense?

In my use case, I have to record weeks of footage (only the Homebase and cameras without access to the internet) and then take a hotspot and download all the videos when the homebase has network access.

Please leave any idea or feedback.

Yes. I just found this the hard way, after I purchased the video doorbell and there is NO option to transfer the clips to my PC. I am returning it back to Amazon. Let me know when you will make the downloading to PC available option and THEN I will buy your video doorbell.

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I have started successfully recording all clips to my NAS now, but it’s not simple.

The NAS option in the camera settings is actually just setting up RTSP (real-time streaming protocol), and it won’t record to your NAS, unless you are lucky enough to coincidentally own a NAS that is also running some surveillance software that can ingest and record the RTSP stream. This option should just be called “RTSP stream”. The instructions in the app are only really built for Synology NAS’ that can run Synology’s Surveillance Station application.

The good news is that you can create any RTSP server (or run any RTSP server software similar to Surveillance Station on a Synology NAS) to accept your Eufy Cam RTSP streams. I looked at a few options and these are a little awkward though, as unlike most RTSP streams, the camera is battery powered, so it only outputs the stream if and when the camera is triggered to record. To get it working and prove the capability I have set-up Zoneminder on a Linux VM (although I am hoping to find a way to configure VLC to record streams as and when they’re output as a lighter-weight option which will also work on Windows and Linux). I won’t go into the set-up here as it was reasonably complex and may just confuse, but it works, so explore RTSP rather than NAS!



I’ve come up with a bit of a clunky Automator application to sort of snag everything overnight using the Eufy Security app for macOS.

Here’s what the Automator looks like:

There’s a bad button label in the application for “batch download”, hence the “Click the ‘’ button” step in Watch Me Do. This will probably break if Eufy ever changes that button name.

A few other notes:

  • This only downloads what’s visible on the screen - I’m not sure the cut-off but I rarely have more than 35 clips in a day and I know it does at least that. This is related to the “scroll for more” function on the screen. A work around for this would be to go through the “Watch me do” recording and select each device you may have, then click batch download, then click select all, then click download, rinse and repeat for the next device.
  • I have actually updated the pause to be 5 minutes as, in my testing, I haven’t needed more than 3 minutes to download all the files (again, I only have 20-30 clips per day from my 4 cameras).
  • Under the “Run Shell Script” - you’ll need to change to the path you want to use instead of my /Volumes/RAID1…

Lastly, to actually automate the whole thing.

I created a calendar appointment for 11:54PM, repeating every night. The alert for this app is to open the automator application at that time:

This is done specifically at 11:54PM so that, 5 minutes later, at 11:59PM it quits the application and creates the folder and moves the files into it… this needs to happen on the same date for the files to move to the correct place.

The drawback to this is that I might miss a camera recording between 11:54 and 12:00 but like I said, this is clunky and just a start.

I wanted to share in case anyone else was looking for a starting point.

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Eufy is committed to promoting its own cloud storage. Blocking apple homekit or automatic downloading of video recordings is systematically blocked. Not very customer oriented.

Just like Nest and Ring, by the way. That makes me switch back to my own make (Raspberry Pi solutions).

Thread Started in May 13 2020
Today : May 6 2022
2 Years give or take.

Hi EufySecurity,
How are you ignoring us (the customers) who paid the money to buy your hardware and left all other competitors, and not even showing some progress on a feature that is a no brainer.
I have my hardware, im using your components to secure my house and watch after my Kids, if i want to check what happened 3 weeks ago, i have to scroll down on the app, and go to that particular day and look for the event ?
Downloading each video on it’s own is so Windows95-ish (still many things worked well in Windows 95), and despite everyone on this thread asking for the “Download All” button, the only progress made is on MacOS only, and for a single day (download alll videos for one day).
Had i known this is the case i wouldn’tve bought your hardware (obviously we all assume such feature is backed in), but i also blame all the youtubers/Reviewers reviewing your hardware who never ever talk about this Mess.
If you want to take back your hardware im ready to send it back to you for half price.


I would also like to be able to download all the clips to a PC in a single action.

Could somone on the payroll give advice on when the Windows version of the software will be available and will it support bulk downloads e.g. Give me all videos on the device.



Another reminder about this 2 years old request :
Can we please have a “Download All” button to get all the videos in our Base device ?

Thanks in Advance

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Eufy doesn’t monitor this site, so you are wasting your time. There is a Mac app that will let you do some batch loading, but is otherwise pretty lame.

I don’t ever expect a Windows version unless they get the existing app to run on the Windows subsystem that supports android. In any case, that won’t enable any extra functionality the app doesn’t have already.

I found out that even using the web backup I can’t download the videos, and wound up here. After spending hours one at a time copying files from my Android phone and iPad, and getting interrupted so I have multiple copies of the same file from losing my place, I gave up on eufy fixing this and went shopping elsewhere.

I have recently bought a Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 that can work offline in ‘travel mode’ to record motion or timelapse video to a microSD card [and they have optional microsds that are 128gb]. Add an optional solar panel, and you’re good to go. Come back and swap sd cards occasionally and you won’t look back. And no, I’m not from Wyze. I’m just an IT guy. And I spent less money.

Literally logging in to say: I cannot believe I spent several thousand dollars on a system that won’t let me download all of my footage at once.

What is the point of having home security unless I have total access to the footage?

This is actual insanity. I’ve instantly gone from a satisfied customer to a furious one over this specific point.

Putting all these cameras up for sale and finding an option where the footage is not held hostage by the company. Give your customers an easy way to download and manage all the footage or go away.


the MACOS app no longer displays devices after Dec 20th, 2022. I opened the app the morning of to find out I could no longer batch download my clips.


Yes, same problem here. No more devices displayed in the Mac app since 20th Dec 2022!!! WTF!? I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed soon!

I think what happened is due to the privacy loop hole / bad press, they updated the API. And don’t want to spend time update the MacOS app to work with the new API. Thus just de-listed the MacOS app, at the same time banned the old API. That’s why you are not seeing anything.

I don’t get why Eufy encrypts the video on the SD card and there is no way to easily bulk export. My data is not mine. How funny. I will be switching to a different camera system.


So, just got the confirmation of eufy Support that the Mac App will no longer be updated and supported. Great. So now i just have to buy 15 new cameras of a different manufacturer :rage:


This is outrageous that they are crippling this system more and more. I needed the MacOS app to download and archive events in bulk. Downloading one-by-one by the phone app is a NIGHTMARE and the downloaded videos aren’t named properly like the MaxOS app did.

Time to look into Arlo cameras now. Bye-bye Eufy…


I loved Eufy, good quality pictures, but man o man. its UNWORKABLE when it comes to downloading your OWN files in bulk. So i stop with Eufy. To bad, i seemed so nice…
Back to Foscam or something.

Thanks alot Eufy,

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