Doorbell video automatic fullscreen live view


I want to hang a tablet on my wall, and every time someone rings my Eufy doorbell I want the tablet to show a live fullscreen view of who rang the bell.

So I just want the app on the tablet to automatically start and show me who’s in front of the door, like a regular intercom.

Is that possible? If not, I’ll return it.



In theory, you can use something like Tasker to open the notification when someone rings the doorbell. It will then show the live feed if I’m correct.

Yes I have the same problem. I want start the App if you ring the doorbell.
For IOS System

Do you fix the Problem ?

Same here. Would be a great feature!

Just come from ring to eufy, i really miss this feature. i can never find the notification to click on. at least make the notification bigger. Ring do.