Doorbell talking and recording

So I’ve noticed something on my 2k Battery Doorbell- it doesn’t record Video if I press the talking (phone) button on my mobile. So it will record when someone approaches it but as soon as I talk to the person the video recording stops. Is this normal or is it a bad design, software bug etc…?

@LJ3 I haven’t checked the 2K Battery Doorbell for a little while…but I know on the Cam2 and Cam2 Pro cameras as soon as you go to live view it stops recording (you’ll have to record manually). In my opinion, this is something Eufy should fix. Especially, if the camera was triggered by your settings and you click into it, the video should NOT stop recording until the movement has stopped.

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I agree. If I am away from home and talk to someone at the door I want to know that the footage is still recording and that if I need it for anything evidential it is recorded and saved. Basically anyone who approaches the door and I speak to doesn’t get recorded from the point I start talking, This is a massive flaw in the system in my opinion.

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@LJ3 What’s worse is if you share the camera, if your guests click on an alert, it will stop recording as well. So I have to tell my wife and daughter if they click on a live view event and something is happening, they have to press record. :man_facepalming:t2::laughing:

It’s crazy! I am noticing a couple of features that I feel should be standard- like continuous recording on the doorbell when hardwired (24/7 recording) and expandable storage on the USB of the Homebase.

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I have exactly the same thing with mine. Video recording all good right up to the point when I press the speaker button then it stops.
This totally defeats the object of the exercise if you want to have a record of any interaction with a courier eg asking them to put a package somewhere.
Eufy - please get this sorted!