Doorbell T8200 Firmware Update Failed (fixed)

I am new to Eufy and just switched from Wyze. I now own two 2k indoor cams three indoor pan and tilt 2k, two outdoor 2c cameras and now Eufy Doorbell. I am obviously a big fan of Eufy products now :grinning:.

After receiving my Eufy Doorbell it continuesly failed to update. I called support and they told me it would update over night. It did not. I tried everything such as rebooting device, cutting power from junction box, switching wifi network. Nothing seemed to work. I didn’t think it was a problem with my phone because all of my other Eufy devices updated just fine.

My phone is an Android One Plus 7 Pro. I decided to try from my wifes phone and the doorbell surprisingly updated without any issues. She has an iPhone XR. Just though I would share this information as it seems to a common problem that has not been resolved. Hopefully the Eufy team can look at this and focus on the Android app.

Thanks and I hope this will be helpful to the new Doorbell Owners. If your anything like me i didn’t want to wait over night for and update.


Welcome to the community @adrianzbanda and thanks for sharing your experience.
I gave up on checking for the new firmware on my eufycam as it eventually updates when there is no activity. Only case to force update would be when you are waiting for certain feature to work which is planned in the new firmware.

In my case my doorbell was not recording the conversation taking place after the doorbell was rang. Basically defeating the whole purpose of owning a doorbell camera and this is why I was not willing to wait.

I can see this being a huge problem and causing unnecessary returns for those of us that received a doorbell with outdated firmware.

I’m happy to report that after the firmware upgrade it is now recording properly and the doorbell works great!

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Glad to know it’s working for you!
Can you confirm if the doorbell is recording while you are having 2-way conversation?

Yes it is recording while having a two way conversation.

Update: while the two-way conversation is recording now. It is only recording the voice from the doorbell’s end and the person from the app. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update.

Thanks for confirming and the update.

Have purchaes a T8200 wired doorbel set, and have the same issue for updating the firmware. It fails. I have a samsung note 10+, and have tried it also with samsung tablet A. So firmware update from 2.301 to 2.333 is failing each time. So do i know have to buy a Iphone to get this resolved ??? Help (also tried restarting the device and firmware update after, the same result).

Rest be assured you do not need to buy an iPhone, as I have one and still won’t update.

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I am having the same issue. Has this been resolved?


Also having the same issue.

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