Doorbell still getting power

So I turned off all the switches at the breaker and my doorbell is still get power. Am I missing something.

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It’s battery powered but I want to connect the wires in the back so I don’t have to recharge the batteries. I bought the battery one to work with my homebase 2 and c2 cameras.

Yeah I’m pretty stumped on this, all breaker switches are off. Thebdoorbell and also 2 small bulbs that illuminate my address sign have power. I guess I’m going to be contacting my builder and see if they have a explanation.

Unpair and repair the doorbell with the HB2 then the battery icon will come back. I had this before. See if that works for you.

Yes, I wanted to see if my battery was charging on my Battery Doorbell (wired), so I switched off the transformer, and it also continued to show powered. I suspect Jon74 is right that it needs to be repaired for the app to see the battery.