Doorbell ring on phone

Can I make my phone actually ring when the doorbell rings? I am still always too late ate the door because my phone only sometimes gives a pop-up but I only see that when I am looking at my phone!!


Hi, iPhone/iOS user here, I have a few suggestions though I suspect there are similar settings in Android.

I don’t think you can set the doorbell chimes to play through your phone, or customize the alert notification sound, so our goal will be to make sure you can hear the notifications, and reduce unnecessary notification spam

I would actually check your phone’s notifications settings first. On iOS, the path is starting with the system app Settings>Notifications>eufySecurity, and make sure everything is turned on, especially Lock Screen and Sounds. You may also want to go back a screen and turn off notifications for apps and things you don’t need to see on the Lock Screen… we tend to let these build up, but silencing unnecessary notifications (and group texts, and new emails!) can help prevent you from getting so many notifications that you get used to them and subconsciously ignore them.

Next, go back to Settings>Sounds and Haptics, and adjust things here. The volume for ringer and alerts is a separate volume settings from music/media volume, so set the alerts volume here (and switch off the “change with buttons” option so you don’t try to turn down YouTube while you’re in bed but accidentally turn down your alert volume). I am also a big fan of having the vibrate settings on. Unfortunately, you can’t select a unique sound for Eufy from here.

Lastly, I recommend testing your settings out. Turn your screen off and go press your doorbell (or activate the motion detection), can you hear your phone? If you have a pocket or purse, make sure it’s loud enough to hear from inside.

Best wishes!