Doorbell ring on google home devices?

Any update at all? Got a feeling its not going to happen. Looking to switch to the new Goggle battery doorbell if not.

well done google. I was trying to get the same integration nest hello offers but battery powered. I think we now have the product to buy. Pity is not Eufy (as the local storage and long lasting batteries are still a plus). But agree with others, I do not see this coming (unless Google launch will wake them up!)

Thinking to switch to Nest also. White doorbell! ( Netherlands)

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Same here, putting this thing on marktplaats.

Hi, is there even an idea if this is going to happen or not?
When i saw the box which said it was compatible with Google Home, I thought this was a feature.

Could you please let me know so I can decide if I keep or return the doorbell.


And the winner is: Google Hello!
As long as the Eufy doorbell is not integrated in Google Home devices Eufy will be second for a long time.

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Pfff… I have the same as everyone else. Incredible that there was only one reply from Eufy in about teo years and no support after Google opened up their API.

This is the last Eufy product I will buy

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Really Really disappointed.
Convinced my wife to go for Eufy instead of Google nest doorbell and then it doesn’t complete the simplest function - chime on nest mini speaker.

Everything seems fine, but as they say ‘It’s the little things that matter’.!!!

Glad I found this topic. Planning to buy a smart doorbell in 1,5 to 2 months. I really like the concept of storing all data on the Homebase, but not having the integration with Google Nest Hub is a big disadvantage possibly getting me to choose for the new Google Nest Doorbell wireless. Hopefully within a couple of months we will get good news from Eufy.

I literally bought the device because your advertise said this was possible… I’m extremely disappointed.

+1 Give us what you promised Eufy!!!

I would like this feature too

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Please add. This is really needed

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I wouden like this feature. Not recommending friends the Eufy cause this problem.

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C’mon Eufy, get your act together! Start by responding to this thread even if your developers are super slow - show some common courtesy for a very important topic…


No response at all, just tell us something. Eufy seems not to care…

Yes I am bit disappointed too. I bought based on the box saying it will work with Alexa. It doesnt show the doorbell when the doorbell button is pressed.

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I was just about to purchase their wireless doorbell and thought I’d better check to ensure that I could use my Google homes as chimes. I’m glad I found this thread before purchasing.
Come on Eufy, you are losing customers.
I’ll look at alternative products now.

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Still nothing on this…

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still can’t auto streaming on google hub when pressing the doorbell…disappointed