Doorbell ring on google home devices?

No response at all, just tell us something. Eufy seems not to care…

Yes I am bit disappointed too. I bought based on the box saying it will work with Alexa. It doesnt show the doorbell when the doorbell button is pressed.

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I was just about to purchase their wireless doorbell and thought I’d better check to ensure that I could use my Google homes as chimes. I’m glad I found this thread before purchasing.
Come on Eufy, you are losing customers.
I’ll look at alternative products now.

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Still nothing on this…

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still can’t auto streaming on google hub when pressing the doorbell…disappointed


Ditto…want this functionality also


I want it, too…


@eufy support,

Any updates

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This is taking ages and was promised a year ago. Think I’m going to have to sell my eufy products and go with a company more reliable. Shame really as I really wanted eufy to work for us


It also only is the most viewed and responded forum topic….

Was about the purchase a doorbell and connect it to my google speaker. After reading this topic, i decided not to.
Also over here it shows Google assistant compatible in the website of the Coolblue, which apparently it isn’t. And no response from Eufy for more than a year

Sorry Eufy lost 1 customer in the Netherlands.

Such a shame. It is a really basic thing, but super useful to have with Google home

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Presume it’s a Google issue and them protecting the Nest Doorbell. As after all it’s significantly more expensive for less of a device then the eufy. Don’t forgot the competition also make you have a subscription, which is more money in there pockets.

I do believe negotiation and licensing with Google is paramount to resolve this issue which will in turn increase sales for Eufy as it’s products are very good and affordable. Could easily overtake all competition if this feature was added.

My two cents.

Do you guys even read @eufy?
Or do you just ignore everyone here? And laughing at us with coffee in your hands?

Ill return the eufy items. Especially because no one from Eufy is responding. What a shitty costumer service.


I just purchased a Eufy doorbell, what’s more disappointing is the fact I checked with Eufy customer support on Friday and they said it did. Returning tomorrow!

Can Eufy please remove the phrade Compatible with Google…
As this is complete bullshit.


@eufy? @Mengdi?

Full agree. I live on the first floor and normally I had a phone to tell someone at the door that I’m coming. Now there is no easy way to do this. Even using a phone is quite slow.

In the same boat as everyone else with this. I bought the doorbell based on the “compatible with Google Assistant” advertising. Only to now find out it doesn’t ring the chime on the a google home mini. Very disappointed.


Better integration with Google would be a good thing @eufy

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