Doorbell recording by push

Is it possible as a man to ring the bell then recordings. And not with movement. So only admission if one rings the doorbell. And how can you set this up. I only see in movement.

Not currently.

A must have feature i miss too

It is possible to set this up with the battery doorbell. I have been using it this way for over a year. Not sure about all the other models.

The way mine is set up is go to the doorbell settings menu and turn motion detection off. The other setting that must be enabled is go to Power Manager and select Optimal Battery Life. This will automatically give you a 15 second recording whenever the doorbell is pressed.

I added a porch cam because my doorbell doesn’t face people coming to the door. Also, use a motion sensor to trigger that cam. Once I did that, I didn’t need or want the doorbell to record on motion so I set it up to only record when pressed.