Doorbell Problem stuck in live feed?

I have a Eufy doorbell (probably about 3 years old now)

The problem I have encountered is that it drains the battery overnight… I charge it up and it just drains flat again, it seems like it stuck in a live feed mode as there is no response to any change I make within the settings and no motion detection as it used to do.

I have tried resetting it but its just the same, any one have any ideas or has it just met its end


May have met its end…?
Lithium ion batteries will last about 3 to 4 years.
I would try this out, while charging the battery to up 100% try to / see if you can changing the Doorbell Settings and turn the camera OFF. Once charged leave the doorbell camera off for an hour.
If it has dropped to like 85%, then the battery is kaput and it’s not holding a charge.
If it’s above 85% turn the camera back ON and monitor the battery percentage.
If it does drop battery power overnight it’s end of life for the batteries as their capacity in mAh has weakened.
As far as live feed view, it usually times out after a few seconds of use.

Thanks for the reply! will have a look at your suggestions after xmas when I get a Mo

Just to confirm that the battery is toast as it drains over the course of a day whilst turned off!

Kind of expected a bit more if I am honest as it only lasted 22 months on standard use… pretty disappointing