Doorbell press Smartphone App notification like phone call or whatsapp behaviour


First want to tell you, I have a homebase 2 and a battery powered video doorbell, I like the product very much thanks for that.

But everytime someone presses the doorbell, I’m to late to view it on my smartphone. Not because the notification is lagging or so, but because my smartphone has a lockscreen and to respond to the event of the doorbell I have to unlock, slide down the notification, press it , wait until it connects and then see that the person is walking away.

It would be more convenient to have the event bypass the lock screen, like when you receive a phone call or a what’s app call. This way you can respond and directly speak to the person that triggered the event

Of course the app must be authorized to do so.

thanks for adding this feature.




It’s called sip call and my £30 generic video doorbell did that. I don’t understand why eufy doesn’t have that feature.


I completely agree with this. The “tap message, enter code or scan finger, slide down message, wait for connection” takes ages and what I would like to have is the live feed directly playing on an old tablet. The simple “press button, see live feed” version.