Doorbell no longer tells me about human motion

I changed my detection type to “all motions” instead of “human only” as my video doorbell was missing too many humans. With this change it seems to detect more items now, occasionally still missing human movement (even though sensitivity is all the way up).

However for playback purposes, to see which items I’d like to view each day (instead of having to review 30+ videos daily) it used to categorize items as human vs motion. Now that the detection type has been changed my doorbell categorizes everything as motion… it not longer says anything is human motion. How do I fix that?

You can’t have it both ways. Its either Human only or All Motions. Note that at night it becomes All Motion even if you have Human selected. This is because there isn’t enough information at night for the AI to get reliable Human detection. Only way to get around that is to add more light at night so the Doorbell AI gets enough data to make the distinction.

I’m fine with the camera catching / recording all movement but I thought the AI would be smart enough to know which movement was human movement (and to categorize it as such). That would make it easier for me to only have to review the human movement videos each day, instead of having to review all of the recordings.