Doorbell never detecting motion

Hi All,

I am at a loss here. Installed a battery 2K doorbell 4 days ago. I just do not get it to detect any motion.

I have tried, low to high sensitivity. With and without an activity zone. Tried humans only and detect all.

Tried 3 reinstalls and resets.

I walked up to it from all angles, jumped in front of it. Did a dance

Anyone got any pointers to get motion detect working?

When you say reset, is that factory reset of home base?

I just fixed a motion detection issue that affected nearly every camera, I had to reset HB2 via the pin hole at the back.

It affecfted all cameras including 1 flood light.

I did factory reset on the doorbell since both cams are detecting fine. Will try a home base factory reset.

Did it work or? Mine will (90% of the time) not detect humans.