Doorbell isn't charging

I’ve installed the doorbell (batterie) wired. The chime from the previous doorbell is working with the Eufy. So i guess the wiring is ok. But the doorbell isn’t charging. The batterie is draining. How can i fix this? Do i have to add extra wiring in the chime of the previous doorbell?

You might need more power to the battery doorbell as it need 8-24VAC I believe. I purchased 18v ac/dc adapter and plugged it into mains socket. It charges fine but you can get a transformer and wire that into your circuit board (make sure you turn off your power first lol)

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I use a 8v transformer, should i use another one?

It will not charge more than 90% so it will go below 90 and back upto 90%.

8v might be too slow but let it get below 90% and see if it gets back upto 90%

First it was 67%. Now it’s 61%. The app doesn’t show that it’s actually charging

Any sugestion for a better transformer? Now i’ve a z7-trg/8

I don’t live in the states. So that won’t work. Would this work?

Fixed with your solution. Thx.

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I helped as well :pensive:

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