Doorbell Install Help: Nicor Prime Chime Issues

Hey all,

I’m working to install the 2k video doorbell, and am running into an issue. My existing chime seems to have an integrated transformer.

Here is my exact chime:

The issue is that i’m not aware of how to use the included bypass clips to bypass the current chime. The chime transformer is integrated into the chime.

I’m assuming that I just remove the existing wires from the chime, and tie them into the power coming into the transformer, but unsure if this is safe to do.

Anyone experiencing the same thing? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

Have you made any progress in this? I have the same exact chime and need help!

I found on other [brands] forums that the Nicor transformer does not put out enough power, so the transformer in the below link was recommended to switch it out. I also pasted the link to other forum for reference.