Doorbell Dual (battery) image quality not great

Hello, maybe others can share their experience, but ive had the 2K Battery doorbell for over a year, and other than issues with delayed motion detection, the video quality was always good when activated for an event.

About a month ago i replaced it with the video doorbell dual (battery) and I’ve noticed it takes much longer to ‘warm up’ and the video/images at the beginning of the clip are dark. The person snapshots it takes you can’t recognize individuals. I did not have this issue on the other doorbell.

Ive enabled HDR, are there any other tricks i should try - or is this ‘normal’?

Also - question on Package Detection - should this work if the camera was activated from an automation event (i juat recently set this up)? I have a eufy cam 2 on driveway, and when motion is detected turn on video doorbell to catch someone coming to the door