Doorbell battery offline

Was told by eufy that homebase uses low frequency, basically unless homebase is next to doorbell expect be offline

The Eufy Wifi protocol is designed to save battery power when it can, but it still works fine for most people. My doorbell is 80 feet away with 3 walls in between and it still works fine. In the setup process they test the signal to your homebase and that can help you position your homebase so you don’t have signal issues. If your doorbell is close to the homebase and still having issues, you might have Wifi interference that is overriding your signal.

Battery doorbell doesn’t use local wifi to communicate the homebase is not wifi booster. Problem is the frequency doorbell and homebase uses is unstable at low frequency. Till they figure it out be aware m.

While the battery doorbell doesn’t use the standard Wifi protocol, it does use the same frequency band at 2.4 Ghz. It isn’t any more unstable than normal 2.4 Ghz Wifi. It is however subject to interference from local Wifi channels. Changing your local Wifi channel can reduce the interference with Eufy’s wifi implementation.

I have conducted some troubleshooting using a spectrum analyzer and find that my Eufy system uses the same frequency band as standard wifi channel 11. Don’t know if all Eufy gear uses this channel, but I was able to cut down retransmission of Live View streams by switching my router to Channel 1, on the other end of the wifi band.

I believe that the low frequency Eufy uses refers to the 900 Mhz signals that the homebase uses to talk to sensors and keypads. That doesn’t have any effect on the video streams.