Doorbell battery level

I have the battery powered doorbell wired (approx 20V) so I don’t have to charge it. Ever since I install it the battery level has been going down. The battery icon indicates the battery is charging, but the percent level keeps going down. At 80% now.

Thank you for reaching out.

For the battery level, sometime it is depends on the recording mode for the camera and how many times that the camera has been detected for recording the events.

In this case, could you please let us know your eufy account? And the also serial number for the Homebase, so we can further look into this case for you.

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I got this problem too. I’ve checked all sensitivity levels and used the activity zone but the battery percentage keeps dropping slowly and sometimes it charges back a bit, but overall it keeps going down.

I think you should be able to use the most sensitive mode when hardwired because what else would be the point of it?

Batteries now read full. Strange.


It will charge back up to 90% when it drops to 80%. Mine does that and few others on this forum has stated the same.
% from 90% to 80% does drop quicker for me when I leave it on the highest Setting but have found it does detect human early.

I’ve never had it charge up to 100%.

Not sure how this will effect the battery in the long term.

this is normal . you don’t want batteries topped off at 100% all the time. it is designed to let the battery level drop into the 70 to 80% range before recharging. a battery maintained at 100% all the time does not last.

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