Doorbell 1080p + Chime with Homebase 3

Is there a way of setting up the Doorbell so that it records video to the Homebase3 HDD (2 TB) and “Rings” on the Chime?
At the moment all I can get it to do is either Record + Ring on Homebase3 or Record + Ring on the Chime.
I thought I had read somewhere that Homebase3 had the ability to share its storeage with other devices.

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I want to know about this too. I didn’t buy two homebase threes just for them to sit there only attaching to two devices out of my 20!!! The doorbells’ motion recognition is terrible. I’m hoping that the homebase three is better.
I’m sick and tired of 90 false alerts, which, then makes me miss the one person at my front door. :man_facepalming:t2: