Door sensors not working correctly

Hi all,

Got a problem with door sensors.
All 3 installed correctly, minimum gap of magnet and correct orientation.
All functioned well on test, a couple of days later one door then another show as open in the App.
Open the door and app warning shows door opened then closed when door closed. One sensor gives the notification open and closed but the remains open in the app.

Any ideas?



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@mic995 I’ve noticed it’s happening more often. Not sure why…it’s starting to get annoying, lol. :laughing:

I’ve emailed Eufy, what I do not want is false alarms either when we sleep or are away from home.

@mic995 Agreed. Fortunately, I haven’t had any of those false alarms…yet. For the most part I get the…reads open, when it’s actually closed. It’s starting to happen everyday on at least one sensor. Where as before it was about once a week.

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Same problem here. Last status event was ‘door closed’ but showed up as open in the app. Must be related to the homebase firmware update a while back.

Gives me no confidence in the system :smirk:

Same issue here!

I called the service line yesterday and they advised me to delete the main app and start again! Annoying when they know its a problem.

Same problem with all my entry sensor.

Got an update from eufy today:

Regards to the issue with the sensor, our engineer team is working on this issue. We will keep you posted once we get a reply from them.

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@ahuntjens Unfortunately, that’s their canned email response. I’ve seen it way too often :man_facepalming:t2:. However, most of the time (not always)…it means they are at least aware of the concern and will address the issue anywhere from 2-3 weeks…to even 2-3 months, LOL!

I have reboot the base, and re installed the application still the same issue. Strange thing is that it started to work a little bit better when I have activated the push notification. But then got some random working stare. I did not notice this issue few weeks ago. What a shame.

In precious emails they also asked me for the serial and timeframes…

Im new to eufy so im still positive :slight_smile:

This does sound positive indeed. They acknowledged the issue and say it’s being worked on. In my past encounters, this meant they were on it.

This problem obviously doesn’t cause issues for everyone. I have 6 entry sensors plus 2 motion sensors and all have been working flawlessly for over 6 months. I have the latest app and firmware for all my devices. Since the sensors use 920 Mhz instead of 2.4 Ghz, maybe there is local interference on those frequencies.

@ahuntjens Stay positive! For the most part, Eufy addresses many of their issues. ESPECIALLY on the hardware side. They will replace their products pretty quickly if you report it. So that’s a an A+

My concerns are usually within their software updates…because those are much harder to identify. Way too many variables. What doesn’t work for some, works for others and vise-versa. What worked well, after an update, no longer works, etc.

I’m having similar issues, though slightly different. Our door sensors seem to be working properly (and not reporting false opens or false closes), but the Open Status Alert (where it alerts you if it remains open for X minutes) is giving false positives and the Status Check (where it alerts you if it remains open after a certain time) is giving false positives. The entry senors don’t report as “open”…but the alerts are flagged regardless. I’m hoping Eufy are tracking this and this can be fixed with a software update.

Never had any problems until the latest firmware update. I doubt it’s the case. I got a ‘door open after time of day’ at 5pm while it’s set at 11pm. That’s not interference, that’s homebase bugginess.

I have the same issue that the door sensor appears open in the app but none of the ‘sensor still open’ alerts are triggered.
I tried removing the app and reinstalling (android) but this has not fixed it. This issue started after the last app update.
Other issues occuring after last app update are the Auto Night Vision switch not working as expected for Eufycam e and a 2K doorbell. On the doorbell the night vision will not turn off, on the cam the night vision should have been on according to the app but it didnt turn on when motion was triggered.

It’s a shame as the system looks and feels well made. Annoying when it is a software failure that should be relatively easy to fix.