Door Sensor - Forget they closed?

I have an issue with the Eufy home security door sensors. If the door is opened and closed relatively quickly, Get a package from posty at door, Open door for cat, then the sensor (8/10 times at least) will report the door opening however the door closing doesn’t get reported and door stays in OPEN.

This initially scared the shit out of me one evening when I woke up realising i’d not set the alarm to my custom sleep mode, only to be told “are you sure, These doors, front and back, are open”

I’ve watched the sensor and it defiantly sees both opening and closing from the LED light on the sensor itself, so im assuming this is software/timing issue?

Also the only way to reset this is to open the door… leave it open for 10 seconds+ and close it again. Annoying.

Is this common? Eufy aware of this? I’m sure its software related.


This is a known issue and eufy is working on it as far as i know.

In the second tab to the sensors show the status correctly? This is the case for me and its just the status in the main screen which is not updating correctly.

I dont have any other issues with arming the system.