Door/entry sensor

I have a door/entry sensor on my front door and have the automation set to record if door is open. It’s hit and miss on recording I always get the notification that door is open but sometimes with the recording. I’m starting to think my wyze cam was more reliable. Any suggestions?

You might have signal issues at your sensor or camera. That would prevent them from commnicating with the homebase when the automation signal was triggered. I know the camera gets checked for signal when you install it and you can see the rough signal level in the app. I don’t remember if the sensor signal gets checked at install. You might try removing the sensor from the app and then re-installing to see if it checks signal at that time.

The sensor uses a 920 Mhz signal that is separate from the 2.4 Ghz signal from camera to homebase, so its possible something might interfere with that without effecting the rest of the system.

I have multiple automations set up between entry sensors, motion sensors, and cameras and all have been working flawlessly for more than 6 months.

Thanks for the reply I think it’s more of the home base commuting to the cam2 because I’m getting the notifications from the door entry sensor to my phone from the app but it’s missing the video triggers about every four or five times at the door opens I did what you suggested I deleted and reconnected the sensor I’ll try it for a couple days see if that helps.