Does US wireless doorbell compatible with homebase 2 bought in france?

Hi all,

Can someone (@AnkerSupport) confirm (or not) if a wireless doorbell bought from USA market will be compatible with a homebase 2 (serial #: T8010P232010090E) bought from Amazon France?


Anyone knows if part can be bought worldwide or if software / hardware is locked to a dedicated country?

Yes, the wireless doorbell can support the Homebase 2.

Than you for feedback. I’ll try then to buy one from abroad (can find only in USA), issue is customs fees… why the wireless doorbell with chime is not avaliable here in Europe (France)? Why can’t we order from eufy website and get it shipped to europe (even with higher transport cost to be paid) :thinking:?

It’s available in the UK? :thinking:

Avaliable now

Finally avaliable in France from June 12th. But not as an addon… still the full package including Homebase :pensive:

Therefore still waiting for the addon version: