Does the E340 Floodlight have Privacy Mode?

I can’t seem to find anything that states that the E340 Floodlight has a Privacy Mode like some of the 360 pan indoor cams have. It seems strange given that the floodlight pans 360 degrees. Can someone confirm if it has it please because if not I’ll wait until it either gets a firmware update or for a new version to come out that does. I don’t want friends and family thinking that I’m recording them when we’re sitting outside.

It’s activated by ambient light or lack there of.
It would be an amazing feature to activate it on dust to dawn or by friendly faces, but it’s essentially very a very clunky almost unpleasant experience atm.
I think they are still trying to optimize performance features and battery life while crushing bugs in their software.

Wait the ring light around the doorbell button can be disabled. The floodlight is permanently activated by ambient light.

E340 > Settings > general > status LED (off)

Thanks for your response but I’m confused by both of your comments.

I also have two indoor cams and they have a privacy mode that, when activated manually or by a automated Security setting, they both turn around, face the wall, and become deactivated.

Does the E340 Floodlight have this option. I want to be able to turn the camera around so that people know that I’m not recording them at any time of the day. I only want the camera active, and facing outwards, either when the house is empty or at night when we’re all asleep.

Ok, i gotcha. I wasn’t aware of that feature on the floodlight. The doorbell doesn’t have anything that extravagant. Just the ability to hide the fact that it’s recording or to set schedules so that it only records on a schedule. Doing a schedule however without disabling the light, “the light around the button will still light up when it detects motion.” (Software is still beta for the E340 doorbell.) I’m guessing that this is the behavior you wish to stop.
My only recommendation is disabling the status light “the light around the button” in general settings under the device settings. I know this isn’t what you’re looking for but it’s the best solution I can think of for this situation until they release some updates.

This is what I was talking about:

I want to make the floodlight do the same.